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Projekt DAPS Token (DAPS)

DAPS to planowany łańcuch bloków prywatności z naciskiem na bezpieczeństwo, skalowalność i całkowitą prywatność…

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Celem protokołu DAPS jest stworzenie w pełni anonimowego systemu monet i płatności o zaufanej strukturze zarządzania, opartej na najnowszych technologiach pochodzących zarówno z Monero, jak i PIVX.

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Informacje Twitter

7 godzin temu
Brand new QT wallet refresh!

- Backup your wallet.dat file and mnemonic phrase
- Close the wallet
- Replace your current dapscoin-qt file with the new dapscoin-qt file
- Start wallet

Mandatory Update as fValid issue may have caused previous issues w/ 🔑
DAPScoin photo
9 godzin temu
Updated Block Explorer! 🌟

New QT wallet update dropping soon too, so stay tuned!

We hope you like it 😁

$DAPS #DAPS #Crypto #tech
DAPScoin photo
21 godzin temu
Great support from our international community! 🌟 $DAPS #DAPSlife
AntiMajaderos♂️♂️ @antimajaderos
Algunos de los chicos nos cuentan por qué blindar la #privacidad usando $daps

@DAPScoin @daps_spain @DAPS_2020 @AdeldMeyer
2 dni temu
DAPS is the world’s first #privacy coin to implement the latest technologies like Bulletproofs and RingCT & Ring Signatures in its staking chain. $DAPS consensus models and chain verification depend entirely on PoS (Poof-of-Stake) nodes and POA (Proof-of-Audit) miners. #DAPSlife
2 dni temu
$DAPS made the top 15 coins again for having the most buzz and impact on social media!

Our community is tops, congrats everyone! #DAPSlife
DAPScoin photo
CryptoDiffer @CryptoDiffer
TOP15 coins by @LunarCRUSH Galaxy

LunarCRUSH Galaxy Score is a proprietary score that is constantly measuring crypto against itself with respect to the community metrics

4 dni temu
Congratulations $DAPS is going to the Middle East! 👏🎉

Emirex is based in Dubai and was founded in 2014 as a technology and advisory provider to legacy businesses. In 2018 they launched the exchange 💱 previously known as BitMeEx.

We'll keep you posted on launch date! #DAPS
DAPScoin photo
We are glad to announce the winner of the first Emirex Community Voting🚀

Congratulations, @DAPScoin $DAPS 👏

Currently, our developer's is working on the creation of special Community Voting page and we invite all projects to participate in the next round!

Stay tuned guys!

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