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Projekt Kalkulus (KLKS)

Kalkulus jest zdecentralizowanym zasobem cyfrowym, który oferuje rozwiązania oparte na blockchain, umożliwiające natychmiastowe transakcje każdemu, w dowolnym miejscu na świecie.

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Kalkulus oferuje długoterminowy i doskonale zrównoważony dochód pasywny dla stakerów i posiadaczy masternodes, które przyczyniają się do utrzymania blockchaina KLKS, zapewniając mu szybką, stabilną i bezpieczną sieć…

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Informacje Twitter

1 miesiąc temu
Congrats to @The_Blocknet for releasing a new version of @BlockDXExchange.

True #dex BlockDX offers completely decentralized and trustless trading via cross-chain atomic swaps from/to $KLKS vs other blockchain.
1 miesiąc temu
On platform you can earn and accumulate $KLKS using $MON as locked collateral, in a very similar way to #defi #farming concept.
If you are looking for another place where to stack more $KLKS, just give a try to @MoneyByteTweets!
1 miesiąc temu
Don't forget to remove and withdraw your $KLKS from SOS before FEBRUARY 15, 2021!

When you are done you can safely move it into @MIDAS_NEWS, that offer the same service, and also have their internal exchange!
kalkulus_team photo
StackOfStake — staking platform @stackofstake
The following projects will be removed from the platform ❌ $ABET, $AXE, $KLKS, $MONK, $POT, $REEX, $SIERRA, $SPE, $VSX, $WLLO, $XDNA


Jump in our Discord community to learn details ➡️
2 miesięcy temu
There are some rumors going on around $KLKS, the expansion of the current ecosystem and what could happen very soon. The path is already tracked and next week we will release a Medium article where we introduce our next moves. Future is bright!

Join us:
3 miesięcy temu
SSL activation for is now successfully completed, website is fully back up on the new webserver.
3 miesięcy temu
We just completed migration of the official website to a new webserver.
You will get the "your connection is not private" warning, please consider that SSL was just activated and need some time to propagate.
Thanks and stay tuned!

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