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Projekt Loki (LOKI)

Loki tworzy narzędzia do prywatności, które umożliwiają niewykrywalne, bezpieczne transakcje i anonimową komunikację…

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Loki to sieć prywatności, która pozwala użytkownikom przeprowadzać prywatne transakcje i komunikować się przez Internet, zapewniając zestaw narzędzi, które pomagają zachować maksymalną możliwą anonimowość podczas przeglądania, przeprowadzania transakcji i komunikacji online.

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Informacje Twitter

2 dni temu
Today, the Loki Service Node Network is at an ATH, with 1350 Service Nodes powering the tools that help our community stay private, secure, and anonymous.

The #LokiNetwork has never been stronger or more secure than it is at this moment — and it's growing stronger every day.
2 dni temu
Last week, we released #Lokinet exit node functionality on Windows and Linux. This week, we've been full steam ahead working to get exit nodes up and running on macOS too.

All this and more in this week's Dev Update:

6 dni temu
Last week was one of the biggest in #Lokinet history. The latest Lokinet client is packed with updates to make Lokinet an even more powerful tool.

Check out our article for a rundown on one of the biggest new features: Exit nodes.

7 dni temu
New to our community? Welcome aboard! 🚀🌕

Did you know you can earn massive rewards for staking your $LOKI into a Service Node on the #LokiNetwork — up to 3675.54 Loki annually?

Let your $LOKI work for you. Get started and learn more here:
7 dni temu
Is your antivirus giving you warnings about the $LOKI GUI wallet?

Don't worry. As long as you downloaded the wallet from the Loki website or our official GitHub, it’s safe to install.

Download now:

1 tydzień temu
Get ready to feel the burn.

#SaltySaga initiated a fund intended to incentivise liquidity for Chainflip. These incentives are no longer required, so we've decided to burn that $LOKI — the largest public burn in Loki's history.

Learn more:


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