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Projekt OXEN dawne LOKI

OXEN tworzy narzędzia do prywatności, które umożliwiają niewykrywalne, bezpieczne transakcje i anonimową komunikację…

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OXEN (dawne Loki) to sieć prywatności, która pozwala użytkownikom przeprowadzać prywatne transakcje i komunikować się przez Internet, zapewniając zestaw narzędzi, które pomagają zachować maksymalną możliwą anonimowość podczas przeglądania, przeprowadzania transakcji i komunikacji online.

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Informacje Twitter

23 godzin temu
Notice anything about this picture?

Loki doesn't leave any hoofprints.

Most messaging apps leak metadata, meaning your conversation leaves a digital footprint. But Loki doesn't trust most messaging apps — he uses @session_app.

Send messages, not metadata.

2 dni temu
We've just published an ORC (Oxen Request for Comment) on the Oxen GitHub to discuss proposed changes to the block reward to support ongoing liquidity mining rewards for wOXEN.

Check it out and have your say:
Oxen_io photo
2 dni temu
You asked. We listened. wOXEN is here.

And that's not all. We're launching a liquidity mining program: 800 $OXEN per day, divided proportionally among liquidity providers to the wOXEN-USDT pair on Uniswap.

Read more:
3 dni temu
We may have evolved from Loki into Oxen, but Loki still lives on in our hearts (and the hearts of our community).

Another place Loki lives on?

Loki the Musk-Ox — our son.

If you're the sentimental type (like us), follow his journey as we teach him about staying private online.
3 dni temu
Just between you and me... we have some exciting content creators looking into the #Oxen stack at the moment. 👀

Who do you want to see talking about us?

Tag em! 👇
3 dni temu
This is gonna be super controversial — but... #Oxen is more innovative than Dogecoin. 🤠

If you're paying attention, you know that the future is private.

We're using our second-layer infrastructure to create advanced privacy tools — and @session_app is already at 50k+ users.

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