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Projekt Rapids (RPD)

Rapids to szybkie I Bezpieczne Płatności W Mediach Społecznościowych Za Pośrednictwem Technologii Blockchain

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Rapids jest projektem kryptowaluty ułatwiającym dzielenie się RPD poprzez przeglądarkę internetową i widżety obsługujące media społecznościowe…

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Our development team are continuing to work on new products and intergrations behind the scenes.

Our aim of having #Blockchain at your fingertips with a fantastic user experience is within reach.

Read our latest articles here:

#BAYF #RapidsNetwork #RPD
rapids.rpd @RapidsRPD
Development Update!

Our team is continuously working on new products and strategies in an effort to reward you for the continued support

This coming week, we are excited to bring you an update; including RPDx Token Protocol & #Rapids dApp 👀🔋

#Blockchain #NFTs #RPD #Bitcoin🚀
How Royalties will look on the Rapids #Blockchain‼️

From the creation - minting - initial sale and secondary sales including any royalties that are set in the smart contract being paid to creator

Learn more here:

#NFTs #Ticketing #Metaverse #Btc #BAYF
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The Rapids Explorer is syncing a new database to fix some bugs and improve speeds as we weren’t satisfied when carrying out the deployment and sending of token assets.

Please use the temporary url below if you need to use Explorer:

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