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Projekt Rapids (RPD)

Rapids to szybkie I Bezpieczne Płatności W Mediach Społecznościowych Za Pośrednictwem Technologii Blockchain

Giełdy gdzie kupujemy CRYPTOKursy crypto

Rapids jest projektem kryptowaluty ułatwiającym dzielenie się RPD poprzez przeglądarkę internetową i widżety obsługujące media społecznościowe…

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2 godzin temu
📣New Rapids Team Member‼️

Welcome Dejan our GFX wizard to the team...

Dejan has established himself as an asset to the Network and the go-to guy for all new Rapids promotional content.

Keep up the great work!
RapidsRPD photo
13 godzin temu
Don't forget you can join our in house masternode hosting and staking pool platform to earn passive income‼️

RapidsRPD photo @mycointainercom
A look at the top performing masternode coins in week 26!

Congrats to;
🥇 @RapidsRPD
🥈 @MetrixCoin
🥉 @DeviantCoin

How did your favorite masternode asset perform?

Every month we distribute free $COLX, $DIVI, $EXCL here👇👇

14 godzin temu
The team are in full swing testing Rapids Wallet‼️

We're currently testing some features making sure they run smooth for our users, whilst the devs are finalising the others 🔥

Rapids Network - Blockchain At Your Fingertips📱

#fintech #CryptoNews #technology #cryptotwitter
2 dni temu
NEW Gift cards available for China using #RPD on @PolisPayApp

China Mobile
China Telecom

#Crypto #Blockchain #Payments
RapidsRPD photo
PolisPay Wallet @PolisPayApp
Hello #China!

We have a surprise for you!

And we know you've been waiting for as long as we have..

Gift Cards!

Available with your #PolisPayWallet

Don't have the wallet yet?

Download it here:
2 dni temu
You can now get $RPD directly at with #BTC $USD $EUR $GBP and 6 other FIAT currencies.

With no KYC needed its one of the simplest and easiest ways to acquire RPD.

We're also aiming to have this integrated into Rapids Wallet upon first release!
RapidsRPD photo
3 dni temu
We're thrilled to announce that The Rapids Network and @bartertradeio have joined forces with a strategic partnership, which will include listing RPD and other future network integrations on Barter Trade as well as promotional activities between the two parties!

RapidsRPD photo

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