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Projekt UCA Coin (UCA)

Misją United Crypto Alliance (UCA) jest zjednoczenie firm i osób prywatnych w dążeniu do tego samego celu: stworzenia nowej globalnej waluty.

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UCA stosuje unikalne podejście do budowy solidnej sieci. Tworząc związek i sojusz globalnych partnerów, zespół dąży do zbudowania stabilnej kryptowaluty z gwarantowanym długoterminowym sukcesem…

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Did you know , UCA is already held by users on 4 continents and in more than 30 countries?Contribute to the increase in value by telling others about our green coin,the first coin that actually does good for the environment and thereby also increases in value.
Get your Card !
TODAY are 500 euros
5 trees to improve the climate.And 18000 - 200000 UCA according to the daily exchange rate.tomorrow 200 000 UCA may not be 500€ anymore but at a rate quadrupled 2000 €!
For the future ? Many trees and a very large UCA value!
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Words are followed by actions
On 19.10.2021 the foundation stone for the UCA Forest will be laid near Lüdenscheid, Germany.
In addition, we offer 30 partners the opportunity to convince themselves of the sustainability of the concept on site. Please contact service
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words are followed by action
On 19.10. the first trees for the UCA Coin Forest will be planted.
We will create pictures, shoot videos, conduct interviews
And of course we invite up to 30 UCA holders to be there.
The newsletter will follow!
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