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Projekt LUXCoin (LUX)

Luxcore to ekosystem rozwiązań i usług blockchain, który koncentruje się na projektowaniu i budowaniu gotowych dla przedsiębiorstw produktów z zakresu bezpieczeństwa i prywatności…

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Platforma Luxcore opiera się na przełomowym algorytmie blockchain napędzanym algorytmem PHI2 do opracowywania i wdrażania swoich podstawowych produktów. Obejmuje to token wartości blockchain typu open source, Lux Coin i ukierunkowane na konsumentów produkty zamknięte, takie jak LuxGate i Parallel Masternodes.

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Informacje Twitter

We have just released a new update (v5.5.1) for the $LUX wallet! This wallet update includes improvements to the sync speed. This is not a mandatory update, but we do recommend it for optimal experience.

To download the new update, visit:
We are making steady progress on the $LUX codebase upgrade, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to give our community an update on where we are and what’s ahead! Check out the full update here:
Luxcore is is working on a new way to trade LUX! We are building a LUX ERC-20 Token Bridge to allow users to trade $LUX on decentralized ERC-20 exchanges like @uniswap, @matchaxyz, and others.

Read full the update here:
$LUX is working on a codebase upgrade which will improve the performance of our wallets, improve our smart contract layer, and allow us to introduce cool new features. One feature we are excited to announce is Cold Staking! Get all the details here:
$LUX has successfully implemented a major fork at block 1612500 launching the new #RX2 mining algorithm.

Check out the full update for how to update or fix your wallet if you have issues: #pow
We just posted some #RX2 Mining Info including links to tools and a testnet if you want to go ahead and optimize your rigs for the new algo. As a reminder, RX2 kicks in at block 1612500 (estimated February 18, 2021). $LUX

Check out the update here:
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