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Projekt LUXCoin (LUX)

Luxcore to ekosystem rozwiązań i usług blockchain, który koncentruje się na projektowaniu i budowaniu gotowych dla przedsiębiorstw produktów z zakresu bezpieczeństwa i prywatności…

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Platforma Luxcore opiera się na przełomowym algorytmie blockchain napędzanym algorytmem PHI2 do opracowywania i wdrażania swoich podstawowych produktów. Obejmuje to token wartości blockchain typu open source, Lux Coin i ukierunkowane na konsumentów produkty zamknięte, takie jak LuxGate i Parallel Masternodes.

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Informacje Twitter

2 tygodni temu
We have prepared an update on our progress to give you a picture of what's going on behind-the-scenes as well as an idea of what to expect in the future. I know an update is overdue, but we do really appreciate your patience! Check out the full update:
3 miesięcy temu
We are extremely excited to announce that we have successfully deployed a randomx testnet, CPU-miner and stratum implementation over our $LUX Bitcoin codebase. We look forward to the implementations of our new algo #RX2. Read more about the progress here:
4 miesięcy temu
Happy to be supporting a long time supporter @cryptodale and his new show @livefromiowa.
4 miesięcy temu
Thank you @CryptoDale for your contributions to our beta test and for sharing your experience! If you are an influencer or a media contact who would like to know more or have a look at #Luxgate please contact us. You can find more about Luxgate at
Da “Mr. Steal your girl” le @CryptoDale
Was fortunate enough to be able to give #LuxGate a test run from @LUX_COIN latest beta release. Thought I'd show you a little glimse inside the work that’s being done. Pretty cool. FTR, I was not paid to do this... you all know my love for the Lux team.
4 miesięcy temu
Last days to add yourself or some people you would like to test #Luxgate Beta. We'll be welcoming new people to beta testing this Wednesday! $LUX LUX_COIN photo
4 miesięcy temu
Community voting contest by @kucoincom, help $lux to get added to the 1st voting round.
LUX_COIN photo
KUCOIN @kucoincom
#KUCOIN Launches A Token Listing Voting Activity for PoW Projects

🗳️Fill in the basic information of the PoW project you recommend to get listed on KUCOIN at


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