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Projekt LUXCoin (LUX)

Luxcore to ekosystem rozwiązań i usług blockchain, który koncentruje się na projektowaniu i budowaniu gotowych dla przedsiębiorstw produktów z zakresu bezpieczeństwa i prywatności…

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Platforma Luxcore opiera się na przełomowym algorytmie blockchain napędzanym algorytmem PHI2 do opracowywania i wdrażania swoich podstawowych produktów. Obejmuje to token wartości blockchain typu open source, Lux Coin i ukierunkowane na konsumentów produkty zamknięte, takie jak LuxGate i Parallel Masternodes.

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4 dni temu
In the past weeks, the Luxcore team has conducted several stress tests and optimizations regarding RX2 implementation. We can proudly say that we are at the final testnet phase of RX2.

For a technical view of what was going on during testing, check out:
4 tygodni temu
We became one the first testers of @Gather_Network‘s UI Demo.

@Gather_Network allows publishers to monetize without ads, by using a small percent of visitors’ processing power.

It'll be live for the next 24 hours, check our site to be a part of this exciting Demo! $LUX $GTH
LUX_COIN photo
1 miesiąc temu
Check out #Luxcore's Rebranding Press Release for some exciting updates and a first look at our new logo! Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our rebranding and marketing updates! As always, thank you from all of us at Luxcore Technologies. $LUX
2 miesięcy temu
Luxcore is rebranding to best represent our vision and ecosystem. We are also embarking on a full-scale grassroots marketing campaign to shine a light on key $LUX products, attract and onboard new users, and forge new partnerships.

Read the full article
2 miesięcy temu
We are excited to announce that the #RandomX mining algorithm integration is now complete and actively being monitored by the #Luxcore $LUX team on our testnet. We are now finalizing our testing and optimizing for our chain. Read the full update here:
2 miesięcy temu
Huge congrats to @Gather_Network on their listings on their launch and listing on @BithumbGlobal & @UniswapProtocol ! Well deserved listing for a great project. Luxcore is proud to be a partner! $GTH $LUX
LUX_COIN photo
Gather Network @Gather_Network
Listed on Bithumb Global & Uniswap

Bithumb Global:


Contract Address: 0xc3771d47e2ab5a519e2917e61e23078d0c05ed7f

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